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Book Talk with Colby Sharp

I love teachers. I really do. Okay, you probably think I'm biased, right? Well, there may be some truth tucked in that statement. And, I'm not admitting this because I'm a teacher. And, definitely not because of all of the tireless hours teachers put in during the day with children and at night grading papers, creating lesson plans, answering emails, attending faculty meetings and professional developments meetings, and toiling over the day wondering "did I handle that situation properly" or "I hope Johnny will be okay, gosh how can I help him?" Trust me, family time is sacrificed, especially when it comes to report card season. Those comments, come on!

Anyway, I love teachers. So, when teachers review my book and tell me that they have students who need to read it or that they've learned something that will help them understand their students better--I'm telling you my heart swells.

Many teachers work hard trying to reach students, teach empathy, find their blindspots, recognize biases--be better for their students.

Okay, what am I getting at?

Teacher and librarian reviews mean a lot because they tell other teachers and librarians. They recommend my book to students. They'll add it to their classroom reads and hopefully novel studies. They'll create lessons or beautiful artwork based on my book. Teachers and librarians are totally creative when it comes to literature.

Okay, I know--I'm getting to the point.

I want to share my very first teacher review with you by teacher Colby Sharp. I cried. Literally.


Find Colby Sharp and check out his books Game Changer and The Creativity Project and his wonderful classroom ideas.

Game Changer! Book Access for All Kids:

The Creativity Project edited by Colby Sharp (ME!)

He started a newsletter! Click below to sign up.

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