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School Residencies

Alicia has worked as a Master Teaching Artist, trained by the Wolftrap Institute and ArtStart. She strongly believes in arts integration and the  notion that opening the minds of creativity and imagination will arouse a love for learning in children. 

For Educators:

Alicia shares drama & storytelling techniques to help educators excel in the classroom. Each 45-minute session is designed to aid teachers in getting their students to become more expressive; add details in their writing; read with fluency and build imagination all within the bounds of the curriculum.

For Classroom:

Whether you'd like to your students to write a biography monologue or a poem comparing the Civil Rights and Chicano Movements, arts integration is a wonderful approach. Short-term residencies can occur over a 3 to 5 week period, and tailored to a theme. Students learn drama and storytelling techniques, teachers receive valuable coaching, and the residency culminates into an exciting final project.

Five Questions for Alicia D.

What is arts integration? And why is it so important?


Arts integration motivates children to think outside of the box and helps them to draw their own personal conclusions on the subject matter. 

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