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Booklist thinks you should read GENESIS

Had you asked me at any point during the writing and revising of GENESIS if I expected people to be excited about my story, I would have answered with a humble "I hope so." "Heck yeah" would've been too cocky. "Uhm, I'm not sure," would've been less than confident. Any anything in between would be considered jinxing my work. I know, I know . . . it's a defense mechanism as we artists are pretty vulnerable and sensitive.

Reviewers have been reviewing ARCS, and I'm grateful that they have been connecting to the story and characters. I'm also thankful that I haven't been tagged on the reviews (more on that on a later blog); otherwise I'd be up all night overanalyzing their thoughts. And trust me, sleepless nights make me very cranky, and I don't want to be a cranky teacher.

Here's a non-review--more of a suggestion--by Booklist to read GENESIS in 2019.

Be sure to read and find out why . . .

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