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Reading Guide

Having a story that connects to readers is extremely pleasing. Having a story that people discuss is icing on the cake.

Here's a peek at a few of the discussion questions that Simon & Schuster has put together:

1. Describe Genesis at the beginning of the book and again at the end. How has she changed? What has brought about these changes? Talk about how the author reveals Genesis’s character through action and dialogue, pointing to specific impactful scenes. What parts of Genesis’s experiences or character do you most relate to?

2. Genesis has a long list of reasons to “hate” herself. How does the list start? What does she add to it, and why do you think she keeps it going? How does it affect the way she views herself? What happens to the list at the end, and why? What kind of advice or support would you have given to Genesis? Do you think that sometimes you can be your own harshest critic?

3. Genesis receives messages that darker skin makes her look ugly and that it will hold her back in life. What makes her feel this way? What is her mother’s view of skin color? What is her grandmother’s? What is her father’s? Why do their views have such a big impact on Genesis? Do you think her family realizes what their words and actions do to her? What does Genesis do to try to change her appearance?

Just in case you'd like to discover more about Genesis Begins Again for your bookclub, students, or yourself, take a gander at the entire list and extensions. Who doesn't love extensions!

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